Welcome to the Law Office of Francisco D. Coll. We represent the injured, the accused and the undocumented. Whether its injuries from a car crash, an arrest for allegedly committing a crime or uncertainty and fear from issues resulting from your immigration status in this country, our goal is to provide excellent legal representation with professionalism and personal attention. With the Law Office of Francisco Coll, we never want you to feel like a number or just one of thousands of clients. We care about you and your case.

By ourselves sometimes we are not strong enough, or properly prepared, to confront and fight those who have injured us, those who seek to deprive us of our rights and liberties or those who seek to deny our right to lawfully remain in this country. Make no mistake. Insurance companies, prosecutors and immigration officials are not on your side. Hire the Law Office of Francisco Coll to stand by your side and stand up for your rights.

We specialize in the following areas of law:

Personal Injury

(Automobile Crashes, Slip & Falls, Assault/Battery, Negligent Security, Dog Bites, Boating Accidents, ATV Accidents, Motorcycle Crashes). READ MORE

Traffic Accident

A car accident can be a traumatic experience. Along with the injuries you might sustain, you may also have to contend with other issues such as incurred costs due to treatment as well as how to go about seeking compensation from the perpetrator of the accident. By picking a good car accident attorney, you’ll be able to get the compensation and treatment that you need to continue with life as usual. READ MORE


At the Law Office of Francisco Coll we represent those in need of immigration counsel. Whether it is to avoid deportation and/or removal or to apply for citizenship through the Dream Act our staff and attorneys are prepared to guide you through the process. Call us for a free consultation regarding any variety of immigration issues. READ MORE


DWI and DUI’s are somewhat common charges in today’s society. The law differs from state to state so it may be difficult for a driver to fully understand what the law says about driving while under the influence without talking to a DWI defense attorney. READ MORE


Slips, trips, and falls are common accidents that happen every day, so it’s understandable that people tend to brush them aside. Unfortunately, some slip and fall accidents can result in serious injuries. Maybe you even fell and thought you were okay, only to discover later that you were injured. READ MORE

Criminal Law

Let’s be honest, any time you have a run in with the law, it’s a terrifying experience. Whether it’s a traffic ticket, DUI/DWI arrest or worse, you need to contact an experienced criminal law attorney immediately.

Attorney Francisco D. Coll has a very unique perspective and experience of;having worked for both personal injury plaintiffs and the insurance companies that defend negligence claims. The attorney and his office staff are fluent in Spanish and English thus allowing our clients the ability to communicate with their attorney in their native language.

Learn more about the legal representation you may require at The Law Office of Francisco D. Coll, P.A., and find out how we perceive and approach legal issues differently from others.

E-mail or call us at the Clearwater Office 727.330.7584 or at the Tampa Office 813.421.1667 to schedule an appointment. All initial consultations are FREE.